Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be Catholic to send my child to a Catholic school?

No. The schools of the Archdiocese of New Orleans accept students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin. However, some schools do charge a higher tuition for non-Catholic students.

How much religious instruction occurs in Catholic schools?

Quite a bit! Catholic identity is one of the goals of the Archdiocese's Strategic Plan released by the Office of Catholic Schools in May 2013. Specifically, the goal is: “To nurture the Catholic identity of the schools in the Archdiocese of New Orleans through a renewed emphasis on Catholic culture and content, as well as a renewed effort to ignite a love for Jesus Christ in administrators, teachers, parents, and students.” All Catholic schools are required to provide religion courses at their schools and the curriculum must be approved by the Archdiocese. According to the Archdiocese's policy handbook, the school day must begin and end with group prayer.

Do Catholic schools use the same school calendar and daily hours that other schools do?

Not always. Each school sets its own calendar and daily schedule. Schools are required to observe certain holidays and professional development dates for teachers set by the Archdiocese.

Do Catholic schools provide afterschool programs?

The Archdiocese encourages schools to offer after-school and extracurricular activities. Those activities differ school-by-school. Use our Find a School tool to narrow down your options, then reach out to schools to learn more.

Do Catholic schools offer sports?

Most Catholic schools offer athletic teams. The types of sports offered vary from school to school. Catholic schools in New Orleans are part of the Catholic School athletic league.

Do Catholic schools offer transportation?

Some Catholic schools offer transportation, but not every one. Use our Find a School tool to narrow down your options, then reach out to schools to learn more about the transportation options available.

How can I find out what the schools near me have to offer?

We've collected some basic information to help you explore your school options and hope to add to it over time. But the best way to find out more about the schools near you is to visit or ask them. Check to see if the school has any Open House events scheduled, or call and ask to be connected to someone who can answer your questions directly. 

What if I miss a school's Open House?

Some schools may be open to you visiting the school outside of Open House hours. Call the school and ask if there are other times they would be open for you to visit. 

What should I ask when I visit a school?

Visiting a school is the best way to get a sense of it. It gives you the opportunity to speak with the staff and to move through the environment to see if it feels right for your children and your family. Some things you might ask about are:

  • Composition of the faculty and staff
  • Religious formation programs
  • Academic programs
  • Enrichment programs
  • Remediation programs
  • Special services
  • School nutrition program
  • Transportation services
  • Tuition
  • Registration requirements
  • Uniforms
  • Early drop-off program
  • After-school program
  • Extra-curricular activities and school hours
  • Sports
  • Clubs
  • Facilities (gym, outdoor playground, computer lab, etc.)
  • Technology
  • High school and college partnerships
  • Scholarships and Tuition Assistance

Why a guide to New Orleans' Catholic schools?

At EdNavigator, we believe that families should be empowered with the information they need to consider ANY school that might be the right fit for their children. Read more about why we created this guide on our blog